Commercial Vehicle Motor Controller


Technical features of the electric vehicle brushless controller:

(1) use SVPWM modulation algorithm to improve the energy efficiency ratio of the power system;

(2) configure high-efficiency CAN communication module to control the normal operation of the system;

(3) have liquid temperature control system and excellent waterproof and moisture-proof performance to extend the use time of the product and the vehicle;

(4) adopt torque vector control mode to realize energy recovery and utilization;

(5) have perfect protection function to ensure the safe operation of the vehicle.

Specification of Commercial Electric Car Motor Controller
Product nameMain Drive Motor Controller
Applicable motor typesPermanent magnet synchronous motor & Three-phase asynchronous motor
Applicable modelslogistics vehicle & medium-sized bus
Product modelV6-H-4D110GV6-H-2D60G
Rated input voltageDC 540VDC 336V
Rated power110kW60kW
Input voltage rangesDC 350-750VDC 200-500V
Rated output current210A
Maximum output current350A
Output frequency ranges0~800Hz
Water proofIP67
Heat dissipation modewater-cooling
Dimension410*314*118mm, 336*314*118mm
Net weight9.5kg, 8.5kg

Characteristics of Commercial Electric Car Motors and Controllers
Automotive motor controller features:

(1) High performance: the controller has a high overload capacity at low speeds (usually more than twice the rated current), and a wide weak magnetic constant machine capacity at high speeds.

(2) High torque: when the starting torque is large, the controller is required to output a larger current at low speed.

(3) Large speed: In the higher speed range, the drive system needs a larger constant power area, therefore, the controller is required to have a strong weak magnetic capability.

(4) High efficiency: The energy of new energy vehicles are valuable, and the efficiency of the drive system directly affects the range, so the high efficiency of the drive system is required to minimize the loss of the drive system.

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