3.3kw On-Board Chargers



Product Features:

Adopts liquid-cooled seal waterproof and dust-proof structure, with lower temperature rise than natural cooling and high reliability of the whole machine.

Meets ISO26262 ASIL B safety level.

Full-function protection: input overvoltage undervoltage, output overvoltage undervoltage, output overcurrent, short-circuit, over-temperature protection, etc.

Small product volume, lightweight, and easy installation.

EMC complies with CISPR22, CISPR25, QC/T 895 requirements.

Optional network management and Autosar architecture.

Modular design to shorten the product development cycle.

Specification of 3.3 kw on board charger
Output powerMax. 3300W
Effecificency>94% @ 400V output, 50-100% load
Input  voltage rangeAC 90V~265V
Output voltage200V-430V
Water proofIP67
Heat DissipationLiquid-cooled
Power factor>0.99 @ 360V out put, 50 -100% load
Net weight5KG

Characteristics of 3.3kw On-Board Chargers
The 3.3 kw on board charger for electric vehicle is an efficient charger that features fast charging speed, compactness, and portability. It can be used for charging cars, electric vehicles, and other types of vehicles. Its power input voltage range is wide, making it suitable for various power grids. Additionally, the charger can be used for equipment with multiple output power requirements, demonstrating high flexibility and versatility.

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