Ultra Thin Super Absorbent Baby Diaper



Super Absorbent Nappies
Extra Absorbent Nappies, Ultra Thin Diaper

The key to the quality of the super absorbent nappies at stake is the mechanism by which the diaper handles urine. To put it plainly, it is the diaper's adsorption power and the method of handling urine after adsorption. This issue seems to be very simple and basic, but it is the most critical part of extra absorbent night time nappies design and manufacturing. All the above concerns must be built on top of this absorbent diaper material core, otherwise, the baby's health, comfort, safety and other needs can not be discussed.

Extra Absorbent Night Time Nappies Description
Ultra Soft Hot air non woven top sheet, extra absorbent night time nappies directly touch the baby skin, and make the baby more comfortable.

White ADL, help the urine quickly and evenly spread through the whole diaper.

Thin Japan SAP absorbent core make diaper to absorb urine quickly.

Soft non woven 3D leak guard can avoid side leakage.

Wider and soft waistband, super absorbent nappies protect baby skin.


Most Absorbent Baby Pull Up Diaper Specification

SizeDimension (mm)baby agebaby weightPacking
M450*3202-6 month4-11kg68Pcs*6bags
L500*3207-12 month9-14kg62Pcs*6bags
XL530*32012+ month12-17kg56Pcs*6bags
XXL550*32015+ month15kg+52Pcs*6bags

What's the better diaper absorbent material for extra absorbent diapers solutions?
Natural cotton fiber tissue has a large number of irregular voids, and these natural voids are processed to have super hydrophilic properties and can hold a larger amount of water.
Polymer absorbent resin is a new type of functional polymer material. It has the function of absorbing hundreds to thousands of times heavier water than itself, and has excellent water retention performance. Once it absorbs water and swells into a hydrogel, it is difficult to separate the water out even under pressure. Our super absorbent diapers and ultra thin diaper are made of these material, which bring good feeling to baby.

Advantages Of Ultra Thin Diaper

Use the Hot Air Non woven as top sheet, easy dry and skin-friendly, give the baby gentle care,wouldn’t make the baby skin red.

Advantages Of Ultra Thin Diaper
Ultra Thin Absorbent Core make sure the absorption can up to 700-1200ml, provide long time protection.

Advantages Of Ultra Thin Diaper
Breathable Cloth like back sheet,makes your baby comfortable at all time.

Advantages Of Ultra Thin Diaper
100% waterproof leak guard protection,don’t worry about the baby urine leaking again.