Sanitary Napkins


Sanitary Napkins Wholesale
Tianhe provides different types of cheap sanitary napkins wholesale with high quality. We have both small short size and large long size, mini or extra large bulk sanitary pads also available by our advanced making machine.

As a reputable sanitary napkin pads company, we also supplies customized comfortable daily sanitary pads as well as breathable natural organic sanitary napkin pads, with relatively low sanitary pads bulk price, very cost-effective. Our biodegradable and antibacterial sanitary napkin pads for periods are also available. All disposable or disposing sanitary napkin pads offered by us are of high quality and are eco environmentally friendly.

Comfy sanitary napkin price provided by Tianhe, a professional types of sanitary napkins manufacturer in China, help reduce the inconveniences when women menstruate. With superlative quality, our good care hygienic cheap bulk sanitary pads with high quality are for single-use only and meet strict specifications of IS 5404 Standards. Every lady care sanitary napkin pads contains such absorbent fillers as cotton and cellulose wadding. These fillers are tested and it can be ensured that no oil spots and other foreign contaminants are contained. As for the covering of absorbent fillers, the material must be porous, clean and hygienic. Besides, our sanitizer napkin senora pads are tested to be with a smooth surface and with no folds and wrinkles, causing no irritation. The absorbents used by us in venus sanitary napkin pads can soak adequately without leaking, which are considered to be quite good. What’s more, our women’s sanitary napkin pads are with neutral PH values, neither alkaline or acidic.

Different Sanitary Napkins Types Wholesale

Anion Sanitary Napkins Ultra Thin High Absorbent Soft
Ultra Thin Sanitary Pad with Green Tea Fragrance

Ultra Thin Anion Sanitary Pads with Fragrance for Heavy Flow

Disposable Lady Soft Sanitary Pad High Quality
How to Pick the Right Sanitary Napkins Bulk?
To pick the right soft and comfort lady anion pads wholesale, some important factors should be considered when choose sanitary napkins wholesale.

Know your periods: menstrual cycle really matters, and you should choose the proper softy sanitary napkins types that matches this special period.

Good absorbency: make sure the blood flow is absorbed by the soft cotton based sanitary napkin pad with no back-flow. Choose a regular pad or a sanitary napkin for heavy flow according to your practical needs.

Material: both cotton pads and plastic netted pads are OK. Choose one just based on your own preference. Sanitary napkin pads for sensitive skin are also available for you to select.

What's in Bulk Sanitary Napkins Making?
Our female sanitary napkin pads are widely used by women around the world. It is of great importance that our healthy sanitary pads make women secure and comfortable during that period. Based on this, all daily or overnight sanitary pads wholesale for women provided by us use advanced materials and are produced under highest safety standards. The materials used and the ingredients contained are thoroughly tested by experienced and reliable experts, and are further tested by professionals from certified test institutes. Therefore, we can ensure that our femin anion sanitary pads meet legal and regulatory requirements, and can be used safely.

Specification of Tianhe's Best Feminine Sanitary Napkins Bulk
Generally, our feminine sanitary napkin pads can either be thin or thick, with wings or without wings. To better meet the needs of out customers, we also provide pads with special functions. Some are designed to be biodegradable, some are sanitary pads with fragrance, some are waterproof, some are unscented, some sanitary pads are with super soft and comfort...