Professional Blood Pressure Monitor


As a professional BP apparatus company, our professional blood pressure monitor is an essential tool to measure blood pressure more accurately. This sphygmomanometer device is designed to provide more precise readings of both systolic and diastolic pressure, as well as pulse rate, in a simple and efficient manner. Our professional BP apparatus is equipped with advanced features such as automatic inflation and deflation, memory storage for multiple readings, and easy-to-read displays.

Types of Professional BP Monitor in Jamr
Designed for healthcare professionals, clinics, and hospitals, our professional blood pressure monitors deliver precise and reliable readings. These professional bp apparatus offer advanced features and user-friendly functionality, enabling medical personnel to accurately diagnose and manage patients' blood pressure. With our professional blood pressure monitors, healthcare providers can trust in the accuracy and dependability of their measurements.

Advantages of Digital Auscultation Method
The auscultatory method is considered the golden standard for measuring blood pressure, and it is the only method recognized in medicine.

Digital BP apparatus that use the oscillometric method calculate blood pressure by statistically analyzing the relationship between the oscillating pulse wave and human blood pressure. Therefore, for some people (including those with AFib), the measurements may be inaccurate or failed, with an estimated proportion of around 15%.

The electronic blood pressure monitor based on the auscultatory method operates on the same principle as traditional mercury sphygmomanometers. The blood pressure value is directly obtained through auscultation. With the use of a highly sensitive stethoscope and advanced algorithms, it can reduce errors caused by differences in auscultation skills and is suitable for all populations.

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