Why people use Freight Forwarding services?



Freight forwarders is an important part of international logistics,they play a multi-faced role to settle problems of cross-border trade.What services they can do?This blog will tell you.
International freight forwarders are well versed in international trade links, proficient in various transportation businesses, familiar with relevant laws and regulations, have a wide range of business relationships, and have accurate and timely information sources. There are close business relationships with relevant enterprises such as storage yards, banks, customs, commodity inspection, sanitary inspection, animal and plant inspection, import and export control, etc., whether for the consignor and consignor of import and export goods, or for the carrier and Operators of ports, airports, stations, and warehouses all have important bridges and links. Not only can it promote the development of international trade and international transportation, but it can also create a source of foreign exchange for the country. It has an important role in promoting the development of the country's national economy and the globalization of the world economy.

For consignor,freight forwarder has the following affections:
 Organization and coordination role 

International freight forwarders have always been called "transportation designers", organizers and coordinators of "door-to-door" transportation. Relying on its transportation knowledge and other related experiences, organize transportation activities, design transportation routes, select transportation methods and carriers (or cargo owners), and coordinate the relationship of cargo owners, carriers and their warehouse custodians, insurers, banks, ports, and airports,operators of stations and yards and relevant authorities such as customs, commodity inspection, sanitary inspection, animal and plant inspection, import and export control, etc., In this way,they can save the cargo consignor's time, reduce many unnecessary troubles.
Professional services 

The job of an international freight forwarder is to use his professional knowledge and experience to provide the client with cargo contracting, delivery, assembly, consolidation, unloading, delivery services,accepting the client's demands, handling cargo insurance, customs, and commodity inspection,health inspection, animal and plant inspection, import and export control and other procedures, and sometimes even on behalf of clients to pay for freight, advance taxes and government fees. By providing various professional services to the client, the international freight forwarder can save the client from having to spend more times in the business field that he is not familiar with, thereby improving the work efficiency of the client.
Communication and control role 

International freight forwarders have extensive business relationships, developed service networks, and advanced information technology. They can maintain effective communication between cargo transportation parties and other related enterprises at any time.The whole process of transporting goods is accurately tracked and controlled to ensure the safety and timely delivery of the goods to the destination, smoothly go through relevant procedures, and accurately deliver to the consignee, and provide information services and other related services throughout the process at the request of the client.
Consultant role

International freight forwarders are proficient in international trade links, various transportation businesses, familiar with relevant laws and regulations, and understand relevant situations around the world. The source of information is accurate and timely. They can handle the packaging, storage, loading and unloading and care of goods, and the way of transportation of goods. Transport routes and transportation costs, cargo insurance, import and export documents and settlement of prices, consular, customs, commodity inspection, sanitary inspection, animal and plant inspection, import and export control and other relevant authorities' requirements to provide clear and specific consultation to the client opinions, assist the client in designing and selecting appropriate solutions to avoid and reduce unnecessary risks, setbacks and waste.
Reducing cost

International freight forwarders knowwell about the market conditions of cargo transportation, warehousing, loading and unloading, and insurance, and have long-term and close friendly cooperative relations with cargo transportation partners, storage custodians, ports, airports, stations, yard operators and insurers. With professional knowledge and business experience, favorable negotiation position, and skilled negotiation skills, through the efforts of international freight forwarders, you can choose the best transportation route, transportation method, best warehousing custodian, loading and unloading operator and insurance People, strive for fair and reasonable rates, and even benefit all relevant parties through the consolidation effect, thereby reducing the business costs of cargo transportation partners and improving their main business benefits.
Financial intermediation

International freight forwarders know each other, and have close relations, long-term cooperation and trust with the transportation related persons, storage custodians, loading and unloading operators, banks, and customs authorities of the goods. International freight forwarders can pay the relevant expenses and taxes on behalf of the consignee and consignor,settle related expenses in advance with the carrier, storage custodian, and loading and unloading operators, and provide fees, tax guarantees or risk guarantees to the carriers, storage custodians, loading and unloading operators, banks, and customs authorities with their own strength and reputation. It can help the client to mobilize funds, reduce the pressure on funds, and improve the efficiency of capital utilization.

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