5 Features of the the Global Freight Forwarders Cloud Conference You Should Know in Advance



The 2nd Global Freight Forwarders Cloud Conference of JCtrans Logistics Network is coming!
Dear all friends in the logistics industry, thank you for waiting so long! The 2nd Global Freight Forwarders Cloud Conference (GFFC) of JCtrans Logistics Network is coming!

In May of 2020, the 1st Global Freight Forwarder Cloud Conference of JCtrans Logistics Network arisen, stept the first step of online logistics conference. This conference provided a powerful solution to the logistics elites to fight in the epidemic, and it won many good reputations from the participants widely.

However, on the road of "serving logistics enterprises wholeheartedly", we have no reason to stop. On the way to present the boutique conference, we have the firm goal of "laying a solid foundation for continuous improvement". In the vision of "global logistics enterprise profit assistant", we always dare not forget the original mind! In the past several months, we have been sincerely collect customers' demand, concentrate on research and plan carefully. On the basis of the 1st Global Freight Forwarder Cloud Conference in May, we comprehensively upgrade the meeting from the aspects of meeting session innovation, customer experience optimization, service quality improvement and system development and improvement. In a word, all for the global logistics partners.
So what’s the highlights of the 2nd Global Freight Forwarders Cloud Conference? Let's start it!

24 hours/5 days

24 time zones was divided by both hemispheres, the sun shining in the East with the nightfall coming in the West. For consideration of worldwide attendees, the 2nd Cloud conference conducts “24 hours/5 days” system, which means JCtrans at your service 24 hours per day, 5 days during the meeting, your satisfaction is our greatest wish!
Make appointment at any time

Attending the cloud conference is aiming to meet new partners, expore new markets and new business. In the past, you may not meet your partners if “online schedule system” closed, but on the 2nd Cloud Conference, with the full-updating of the meeting system, “online schedule system” will not closed even during the meeting, you can make appointment through schedule system or meet new partners in “Free Talk Area”, talk business at any time!

More convenient and high-efficient

The cloud conference breaks through the geographic restrictions and crosses the distance. This depends on the maturity and popularization of Internet technology. The difference between cloud conference and offline conference is "convenient and efficient". You can browse the full conference by a click of the mouse. There are exhibitions, meetings, live broadcasts and forums. You can get anything you want. You can set up a meeting room with your meeting partner immediately, no need to wait. Turn on the camera and have a meeting across the ocean! More surprises are waiting for you to find out.

1v15 video meeting in the booth

Online exhibition provides attendees multiple chances to exhibit and communicate. The 2nd Cloud conference try best to reconstruct the scene of the offline conference, decorate the booth with pics, texts, audios and videos, so as to provide visitors more intuitive experience and make the communication more targeted. The online booth combines text, video display and video meeting to provide the maximum free space for exhibitors. The 1v15 video meeting mode reproduces the crowded and heated scene of offline booths, avoids the noise and interference. Isn’t that beckoning? 

Meeting Credit System
"I have make appointment, but he/she doesn’t come, who should I have meeting with" "I have been stood up !"...even the conference appointment system is complete, but  the holder of conference received many complaint about breaking appointments from participants everytime. Don’t worry, this cloud conference set up the Meeting Credit System Credit System, if your meeting partner break the appointment, you can make complaint directly in the negotiation room, the appointment credit information of both parties will be recorded silently, and show in the system. The Meeting Credit System let us say "NO" gently to the actions of breaking appointments.
Every need of global logistics industry is our all-out goal, especially during the period of epidemic; let us build up high-efficient conference platform on internet, and do hard work for our common career! The 2nd Global Freight Forwarders Cloud Conference, Oct 19th- Oct 23rd, we are waiting for you in the cloud.


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