How To Choose An Injection Molding Machine


Selecting the right plastic injection molding machine is one of the most important criteria in making quality parts consistently and profitably. The right machine will help keep costs low and make you more competitive. This will allow you to sell more parts, earn more money and at the same time establish a reputation as a quality manufacturer.

1. Select the right model: The model and series are determined by the product and plastic.

Since there are so many types of injection machines, it is necessary to correctly determine which injection molding machine or series the product should be produced from at the beginning, such as general thermoplastics or bakelite raw materials or PET raw materials. Color, two-color, multi-color, interlayer or mixed color, etc.

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2. It can be put down "large column inner distance" and "mold thickness" of the machine are judged by the mold size.

The width and height of the mold must be less than or at least one side less than the inner distance of the large column; the width and height of the mold should preferably be within the size of the mold plate; the thickness of the mold must be between the thickness of the injection molding machine; the width and height of the mold must meet the minimum mold size recommended by the injection molding machine, and it will not work if it is too small.

3. Get it: It is judged by the mold and the finished product whether the "pallet stroke" is enough for the finished product to be taken out.

The mold opening stroke must be at least more than twice the height of the finished product in the direction of opening and closing the mold, and the length of the sprue must be included; the mold support stroke must be sufficient to eject the finished product.

Which features matter most in a good injection molding system?
I’m thinking about an injection molding system for a relatively low-volume application, but I can’t decide on the features that are most important. What should I be looking for?

When it comes to injection molding systems, there are a few key features that are most important:

1. The system should be able to produce parts with a high degree of accuracy and consistency.

2. Your injection molding machine must operate quickly and produce a large quantity of parts without compromising quality. Also you should be able to make modifications on the fly if necessary.

3. Handling a wide range of materials, including both thermoplastics and thermosets is also a good characteristic to look for.

4. The injection molding machine should be able to integrate easily with other manufacturing equipment, allowing for a streamlined manufacturing process.

5. Easy Maintenance is always a great feature.

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