How to Make The Sex Doll to Be More Attractive? Makeup Skills You Need to Know


Recently, we got many enquires on how to make the doll more attractive. Among that, one question is how can you use makeup to contribute to the seduction of the doll's face?
The realistic sex doll is always young and her face is really beautiful. A natural, untouched face is also impressive. And if we know how to make her more feminine and evolutionary attractive. That will feast your eyes. Makeup is an effective way to have the doll more attractive

But the men are not birth to makeup, you can follow below tips when you have no much time or energy to put the complicated steps.

First of all, and the most importance is using the water based makeup. The sex doll's skin is very smooth and health. So you can skip the concealer.

Let's try to make the magic real sex doll from now on.

Preparation: Eyebrowse pencil, Mascara, Eye shadow and Eyeliner, Blush, Lipstick
Start to drawing eyebrow lightly. Well padded with eyebrow with root trenchant root.

Eye shadows is essential for the whole makeup. Choosing different color, you can get different impression. You can have the lighter or neutral shades. Or you can put the dark twinkle color for a sexy makeup. Don't forget the black eyeliner, it enlarges the doll's eye size visually.

Having the pink blush on doll's cheeks looks youth and energy.

The lipstick color should comply with the whole makeup. If you want the sexy face, you can wear red lipstick for her. If you prefer the warm and cute makeup, you can choose more muted color.
More info on the doll makeup, you can contact us directly.