LC Rapid offers a complete turnkey solution for achieving the perfect engineering surface finish. We offer a broad spectrum of industrial finishing services, from anodizing to plating, sanding to painting, such as aerospace anodizing, automotive powder coating and industrial powder coating. we can complete whatever finishing that tailored to exceed your expectation by CNC surface finish. We are not simply manufacturing experts, we are also experienced in achieving the desired color, texture, and luster.

Surface Finishing Process


Plating and metal finishing services is the process of applying one or more layers of a metal to a part. Plating improves strength, wear resistance, lubricity and cosmetic appearance on parts. Many industries use the plating process, including the medical, aircraft, automotive, electronics, mechanical, diagnostic, and etc.

Sanding and Brushing

Sanding is used to remove the machining cutter marks, burrs, and etc. Sanding typically starts with a coarse grit paper to quickly remove surface imperfections and follows with the finer grit to improve the surface quality. Sanding is applied to reduce the roughness, get a cosmetic appearance, make the preparation for later plating or painting.

We can also provide a brushed and non-mirror-like metallic effect for a handful of metals such as aluminum, steel, copper, and bronze. The brushing process is to grind the surface to achieve the unidirectional satin finish with 120 grit - 180 grit paper or 80 grit -120 grit abrasive belts.


Blasting can be used to remove machine marks, surface deposits, scratches and other surface imperfections by spraying the abrasive materials against surface of your part with the aid of compressed air. The abrasive materials we use include sand, garnet, walnut shells, glass beads, and high-pressure water. Blasting can also improve some of the mechanical properties of metal, such as shot-penning is a process deigned to enhance fatigue strength and improve corrosion resistance.


Polishing is the process of reducing the surface roughness by utilizing physical rubbing or chemical agent to obtain a high quality smooth and bright surface. Polishing can get a shiny or mirror look that improve the final surface of the product. Polishing is generally for aesthetic purposes.

Vapor Polishing

Vapor polishing is a frequently-used method for achieving optical clarity on plastic for most applications. This process utilizes a chemical vapor that melts the surface of the plastic, causing it to flow. Both internal and external features can be polished to be transparent by applying vapor polishing. The surface of parts doesn’t have any dust, water, scratch, etc. Usually, the vapor polishing is not more than three times, because vapor polishing too many times will generate a crack on the PC materials.

Powder Coating

Powder coating services excellent durability, corrosion and wear resistance onto the surface. The process is completed by spraying the powder particles on the surface of the work piece from the powder spraying machine. Powder coatings can gives you a wide variety of color selections similar as the painting finish. Customers can specify colors which can match color reference number in PANTONE or RAL or provide us with the physical color sample to match.


There are many advantages to choose advanced anodizing options on aluminum anodizing chemicals,such as non-ferrous metals, aluminum, magnesium or titanium. Aluminium anodizing process is popular to provide good corrosion resistance and wear resistance, increase surface hardness. The parts will be more durable and long-lasting after being anodized. Through electrochemical oxidation, the defects of the surface can be removed, thus improving the cosmetic appearance of the metal surfaces. Anodized parts can be seen in a wide range of industries, from electronic, automotive, to telecommunication, aerospace industry.

We are aluminum anodizing companies, offering aluminum anodizing colors or clear (type II) and Anodizing hard coat (type III).

Type II anodizing allows us to get different colors on parts.

Type III anodizing is also suitable for functional applications that require excellent durability and hardness.


The painting process is completed by spraying the paint on the surface of the work piece from the spraying machine. Our experienced painters can supply virtually any colors, in matte, satin, high gloss, metallic or soft-touch (rubber-like effect). We can even create custom textures according to customers' requirements. After painting, you can get a aesthetic and uniform-coated appearance. The painted parts have many benefits. Painting can serve as protection for the parts.

Painting can be used to coat both metal and plastic parts.

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Surface Finishing FAQ
What is unique about the LC Rapid’s surface finishing?

Using LC Rapid as your one-stop solution for both manufacturing and surface finishing of your custom parts will reduce the risk of production and improve efficiency. Also, our team of engineers are experts on surface finish and can provide advice and suggestions when making your parts.

What factors that I need take into consideration when choose paint formula?

The ideal choice of paint formula must account for the following considerations:Durability and abrasion resistance, High-visibility, UV stabilization, Corrosion resistance, Surface grip / texture.

LC Rapid is one of the best metal finishing solutions inc. We provide CNC Machining, 3D Printing, aluminium anodizing process pdf, carbon fiber composite and so on. Want to know about metal finishing specifications and aluminium anodizing colours? Please contact us.


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