Small Group


KCEL is the first kunming Chinese language school to acquire the qualification of teaching Chinese as a foreign language and the earliest, largest and most professional Chinese language school in Yunnan Province. KCEL offers student visas, accommodation, one-on-one personalized instruction, lunch, snacks, pingpong and table tennis.

KCEL provides all kinds of small chinese learning whatsapp group lessons - beginner, elementary, intermediate, advanced Chinese; HSK test; business Chinese, Chinese culture (Kungfu, cook, paint, calligraphy, tea ceremony). You can choose all the classes, or mix any of them. To ensure the teaching quality, we offer commitment teaching plan for every student, and each class will be no more than 8 students.

There are usually 5-12 persons in one class. The methodology used is scientific, proven and flexible, making it easy for teachers to understand each student's individual needs. Students have more opportunities to communicate with each other than in a larger class, assuring the steady, sure progress of their Chinese.

Kunming College of Eastern Language and Culture is a distinctive school known for its excellence in teaching Chinese language and culture to foreigners. Our college employs professional teachers who use the latest teaching methodology supported by a conducive learning environment.  We also offer lectures on selected subjects and related language-study activities.

College services are available to a range of international and overseas students. Our courses are designed to meet our students' needs. In addition to regular and extra-curricular classes we provide many opportunities to practice the language and immerse one's self in the local culture.

We hope we have the pleasure of welcoming you to our College!