Chinese Language Courses


KCEL provides all kinds of Chinese language courses:
Basic Chinese, Comprehensive Chinese (Beginner-Advanced), Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing.
And Business Chinese courses:
Basic Business Chinese, Etiquette, Communication and Negotiation Skills, Writing, Practical training in real business contexts and Business Case Analysis, etc.
And Chinese teachers training courses:
Sports, Literature, Arts, Religions, Politics, History, Geography, Health system, including traditional Chinese medicine, Ethnic Customs, Etiquette and Minority cultures, etc.
And Ancient Chinese courses:
Ancient Chinese Poetry, Vocabulary, Analysis and Appreciation of famous Chinese Novels, etc.
At KCEL, you can always find best chinese language course in china, because we have rich experienced teachers.

KCEL is a professional kunming language school. We provide Small group Class, One-to-one Chinese class, Semi-private Chinese class, best chinese lessons and so on. Want to know more? Please contact us.