Short Term Intensive Chinese Immersion Program
This program can be started at ANYTIME, you can customize your own study schedule. If you missed our new semester start time, or want to study for just a short period of time, this program is just designed for you. We provide accommodation, 3 meals a day,

VIP Chinese Immersion Program
KCEL provides 24hrs Chinese language immersion program, which is designed for people who have business or study purpose that needs to grasp Chinese in a very short time. There will be different teachers accompany you and talk Chinese with you all day.

Chinese Martial Arts Experience Program
This program is designed for experiencing Chinese traditional Martial Arts, and to learn the basic moves to maintain your health and protect yourself. The Martial Arts Si Fu (masters) are super professional and international certified with over 1o years t

Chinese Medicine and Health Maintain Program
This program is designed for students to experience the wonder of Chinese Traditional medicine and treatments, and to learn about how to use it maintain their health. This program is consisted of five courses – Basic knowledge of Chinese Traditional Medic

Curriculum Introduction: Yunnan International Chinese Language Teacher Training Center is the only unit authorized by the Confucius Institute Headquarters(Hanban) for training, examinations and relate...

Summer Intensive Chinese Program
KCEL's Chinese summer camp intensifies the curriculum to create a good language environment for students to improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in the short term. The intensive Chinese training camp allows students to immerse the

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