VIP Chinese Immersion Program

KCEL provides 24hrs chinese language immersion programs for adults, which is designed for people who have business or study purpose that needs to grasp Chinese in a very short time. There will be different teachers accompany you and talk Chinese with you all day. It is a very good opportunity to experience Chinese traditional culture, to total immerse in Chinese language environment, to familiar with the place you are going to live and study in, and to build a good relationship with local people.

This immersion program contains 4hrs/day Chinese courses (comprehension, speaking, writing), 2 hrs/day Chinese culture courses (cook, paint, play music instrument, kung fu, calligraphy), tours around Yunnan in weekend, various culture-related activities during night (food, concert, film, drama, etc.).
VIP Chinese Immersion Program
(1 people, 1 week)
(Or you can choose individual service)

① 4 hours one-on-one Chinese lessons a day, Monday to Friday.
(The starting time and finishing time are totally customized )
② 2 hours Chinese culture class a day, Monday to Friday.
③ 3 meals a day: Monday to Friday,
④ Accommodation: Hotel or apartment.
- single room, double room (includes laundry, internet access)
⑤ Tours Around Kunming during weekend:

The following services are also included for free:
⑥ Airport pick-up and drop-off
⑦ A tour of the surrounding (bank, supermarket, post office, etc.)
⑧ Travel Planning in China
⑨ SIM Card for cell phones
⑩ Medicine for minor illnesses

KCEL is the largest and most established Chinese language schools in Yunnan. Over 18 years’ experiences, WE KNOW HOW TO HELP YOU LEARN! If you are interested in learn chinese in kunming, please feel free and let us know.