[Light mountain powder, island paradise blue, grass green]

Suitable for wedding scenes: grass wedding, beach wedding, courtyard wedding.
Skin color is critical: Grass Green > Island Paradise Blue > Light Mountain Powder.

Light mountain powder, island paradise blue, grass green, these three colors, I am afraid that only by name can conquer a lot of little fairies. In fact, only such a gentle, delicate and sweet name is worthy of the three colors that make girls' hearts overflow. Soft powder, light blue, light green, can not be more consistent with the theme of the wedding, not only will not show the cheesy color of candy, but fresh and sweet, like a breeze in spring and summer.

The green mermaid dress in these three colors really picks the skin color. The white-skinned little fairy will appear more blistered under its setting, but if the skin color is dark, it will appear black. The bride can not only care about her beauty, the color of the bridesmaid dress should also be carefully considered. After all, you have to stand side by side with the bridesmaid.

[Kale Green, Green Flame Red, Primrose Yellow]
Suitable for wedding scenes: beach wedding, grass wedding
Skin color criticality: Kale Green>Tobacco yellow> Flame Red

The brightest color that best reflects the spring and summer atmosphere is unforgettable. The lively and bright colors not only make people feel happy, but also very suitable for spring and summer outdoor weddings, which echoes with the blue sky, flowers and lawns. Due to the high color saturation, it is better to choose a simpler and more refreshing style.

The bridesmaid dresses of these colors make the bridesmaids look cute and pretty. But standing beside the bride wearing white gauze, it can bring out the solemn elegance of the bride. The two complement each other, but the only fly in the ointment is that not every little fairy can hold this high saturated color, who should be based on the actual situation select.