As the second protagonist of the wedding, the bridesmaid also needs to be carefully dressed. The choice of bridesmaid dress should be luxurious and not unassuming, decent, festive and intimate. So how to choose the color, what color should the bridesmaid dress wear the best? Let's take a closer look.

First, what color should the bridesmaid dress wear?

1. Champagne and silver

Champagne is very suitable for the oriental women's skin color and temperament; noble silver is able to highlight the elegant style of the wedding, hotel wedding, church wedding and champagne, silver dress is the best match. With the appearance of personalized weddings and theme weddings, the fashionable colors such as gray, purple and enamel are favored by more women.

2. Yellow

The bright and eye-catching yellow is also the dress that the bridesmaids often choose, but it is also a relatively dangerous color. If you are not careful, you will steal the bride's limelight. The elegant goose yellow is a good choice, with chiffon or sandy fabric, so that the bridesmaids exude a smart and elegant beauty.

3. Blue

In the hot summer, many bridegrooms choose to go to the beach or outdoor wedding. At this time, the bridesmaids choose a light blue dress, which is as pure as sea water, but beautiful but not unassuming, and the groom's white gauze is also quite matched, giving a harmony. The beauty of the present, the purest beauty.

4. Light blue

Light blue is a calm and elegant color. When combined with a white wedding dress, it will make the bride look more elegant and quiet. The blue bridesmaid dress is very suitable for the spring and summer wedding.

There are also many other colors of bridesmaid dress.Such as juniper green bridesmaid dresses, serenity blue bridesmaid dresses, bright purple bridesmaid dresses etc.But you just need one,if you are confused please contact us for professional suggestion.