LW Sedimentation Decanter Centrifuge is used in a variety of industries for separating all kinds of solid-liquid suspension, defecating liquid phase with graded grains, and dehydrating sludge such as polyoxyethylene, sulfurous acid, Barium carbonate, strontium sulfate, lidefen, titanium pigment, ore, porcelain, clay, kaolin, diatomite, amylum, soybean protein, earthnut protein, syrup, beverage, vegetable oil, citric acid, scavenge oil purification, cleansing water purification, lees, tallow, blood powder, sludge from power plants, sludge from printing and dyeing, sludge from papermaking, sludge from desulfurizing natural gas, calcium carbide sludge, activated sludge ammonia sludge, sludge from washing cars, alum sludge, drilling mud, coal flotation waste, cryolite flotation liquid and so on.

SPECIFICATION OF LW scroll decanter centrifuge
LW Model and Main Parameters
Drum diameter (mm)2503504505206507209001000
Drum effective length (mm)10001460180021302275266527002500
Max. Speed (r/min)40004000360028002500200015001500
Max. Separating factor (N)22383133326522812273161111331259
Processing capability (m3/h)0.5-33-126-2012-3025-3545-10050-11050-120
Main Motor power (Kw)112230-4545-7575-110110-160160-220280
Overall dimension (mm)2740×700
Weight (Kg)12002250320056007800140001900025000

LW Working Principles

The decanter centrifuge machine starts and speeds up automatically. When the proper working condition are met and the revolving drum reaches the feeding speed, the feeding valve opens and allows suspension which will be separated to into the product compartment of spiral feeder through the feeding pipe. After the preliminary speed-up, suspension passes the outlet of compartment and into the drum. Because of centrifugal force, the suspension in the drum is quickly divided into two phases. The heavier solid phase deposits to the inner wall of the drum and driven by the different gear which results in the non-cynchronous movement between the spiral feeder and the drum. The solid phase will be transferred into the small end for further dehydration and finally discharged through solid phase outlet. The separated liquid flows out through the big end or will be driven out by centrifugal pump.

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