An oil well usually has a casing string or a liner installed to hang the weight and isolate the pressure in advance of the reservoir penetration and oil or gas outflow.

More than one as the casing string may required in some cases, the first one mounted on top of the well shall be of a maximum diameter.

The subsequent casing string goes into the first then is placed in the rear portion to reach the pinpoint location in the well. In particular, to the top of the reservoir, the subsequent is usually sealed and locked by a liner hanger onto the first casing string.

In addition, cement provided by the pump, which is shipped down through a drill pipe and the liner into the well, guards and backs up the well outside the liner. In chief, the liner properly suspended and bonded isolates the flow path inside. Otherwise, arise a loss of the drilling time, an additional cost of the well repair and an inferior compression strength of the pit shaft. Although many general liner hanger assemblies have been developed, failures continue to be reported, such as leaks over the top packer of the liner and problems with tool placement and adjustment.

An expandable liner hanger is a component for the liner installation, of which the inner casing string is positioned in the wellbore through the previously installed outer one. Once in place, usually at a depth of 200 feet above its bottom, expand the top end of the inside casing string by the enlarged diameter to touch the internal wall of the outer with an expansion cone forced into the top of the outer.

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