Advantages of Granular Aluminum Alloy Flux


Granular aluminum alloy flux is got by melting the raw material of aluminum alloy flux at high temperature in the furnace, then cooling and squashing it, which has the following advantages compared with powder alloy flux.

1. Compared with traditional powder flux, granular aluminum alloy flux is graininess and even in component. Moreover, it has fuller reaction with liquid aluminum without "segregation" and has more thorough degassing, significantly improving the quality of subsequent parts and reducing scrap and quality problems;

2. Granular aluminum alloy flux has the functions of covering, slagging, degassing, refining and heat preservation, avoiding adding different flux for many times and saving time;

3. Granular aluminum alloy flux can prevent aluminum liquid oxidation effectively with complete separation of slag, reducing aluminum loss and saving raw material costs with high efficiency;

4. Granular aluminum alloy flux has low gas volume and no toxicity, which is conducive to improving production conditions and is highly environmentally-friendly.

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