Why is Aluminium Alloy Flux Popular with Aluminium Alloy Manufacturers?



Flux is a compound added to the molten aluminum bath to improve the quality of castings. They are mixed for specific processes and application areas. The flux assists in surface protection, scum treatment, furnace wall cleaning, metal cleaning, hydrogenation and crystal refinement.

Aluminum alloy fluxes are added during the smelting of aluminum and aluminum alloys to remove oxide inclusions and alkali metals and other impurities in the aluminum solution, and are mostly solid composite salts.

The advantages of aluminum alloy flux include:
1. Extend furnace life
2. Reduce pollution
3. Improve the quality of aluminum alloy by reducing waste and melt loss
4. Provide aluminum alloy special formula
5. Higher process efficiency
6. Reduce the cost of scum treatment
7. Improve metal recovery rate

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