Mobile phone signal jammer


Mobile phone signal jammer is designed for those who wish to prohibit the use of mobile phones during meetings, exams, customer transactions, libraries, travel, etc. Make the mobile phone unavailable in a specific area by causing interference in the wireless field. For example, if you want to use the mobile phone in a conference hall, no one should use his/her mobile phone to focus on the meeting, and the jammer/signal generator will be Your ideal equipment. Once turned on, it will block cell phone signals in that specific area, and there will be no network coverage in this area. Not just offices, exams and conference halls.

Enhanced version of GPS signal jammer with 6 antennas, GPS mobile phone signal jammer, effectively shielding 2G/3G/4G/GPS signals/Beidou signals; simple operation and convenient use. Spike all locator signals, and extend the antenna power up to 6W.

A veritable high-power mobile phone GPS jammer, jammer, shielding Beidou GPS/Anjixing GPS/2G/3G/4G and wireless WIFI signals at the same time.

Bluetooth jammer is a high-power variable mobile, Wi-Fi and 3g jammer. Bluetooth jammer is a user-friendly device that can be easily turned on to block cell phone signals and wifi signals in classrooms, libraries, hospitals, hotels, etc., so as to avoid interruptions and free you from phone calls and text messages, and help you focus For work. A Bluetooth jammer device can even check your internet data usage because it can block wi-fi signals in specific areas and prevent mobile and internet usage.

Jammer-mart is a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of high power signal jammer, which are ultra-high power prison and military cellular phone jammers. High-range mobile jammers are used to block mobile signals in a large area. Long-range mobile jammers are used in the military field to ensure that no spies of the enemy will leak confidential information; in prisons, high-frequency mobile jammers are also used for security reasons. The high-range mobile jammer is very powerful and can even block cell phone signals within 1000 meters. The high-range mobile jammer has functions such as a global network frequency system and an adjustable output power design, making it easy to use and convenient to use.