Flowering Grow Light



The indoor flower lights is designed to copy a spectrum similar to the sun which is more suitable for the needs of the flowering plants. Grow light for flowering plants simulate outdoor conditions from different colors, temperature and spectral output to provide suitable light environment to flowering plant. The luminous efficiency and the color temperature are all desirable.

Flowering Grow Light
The orange and red light emitted by S520 V1-Golden Grow Light can make the flowers produce, fruit, and ripen, and they can provide sufficient lighting for the greenhouse. The advantage of S520 V1-Golden Grow Light is that the irradiation range is wide, and should not be too close to the plants, because it will generate a lot of heat. But the greenhouse does need more heat in winter. After the S520 V1-Golden Grow Light is used for a long time, the irradiation will become weak, and it needs to be replaced.

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