Salt Spray Test Chamber


Model: YSST-108 YSST-270 YSST-600

Product Performance

Comply with ASTM B-117, B-287, JIS D0205, H-8681, Z-2771, K-5400 atc.

Button & program touch screen controller

With temperature-humidity control (option)

Customize walk-in salt spray test chamber

Description of Salt Spray Test Chamber

Yuanyao has salt fog chamber for sale. Salt fog chamber, also known as salt spray chamber, can evaluate the salt spray corrosion resistance of the material and its protective layer, and the process quality of similar protective layers.

Yuanyao salt spray test chamber for sale is suitable for testing parts, electronic components, protective layers of metal materials and industrial products.

As a professional manufacturer of salt spray machines, Yuanyao has a lot of experience in salt spray chamber manufacturing. Yuanyao's salt fog chamber for sale is of high quality and in a reasonable price. If you are looking for suitable salt spray chamber for sale, don't hesitate to contact us for salt spray test machine price and corrosion test chamber price.

Features of Salt Spray Test Chamber

PVC material, corrosion-resistant.
Button type or programmable touch screen controller is optional.
Walk-in salt spray chamber can be customized.

If you are looking for professional environmental test chamber suppliers, please contact us, and we will be your best partner.