Steam Aging Test Chamber


Steam Aging Test Chamber Model: YSA-3 YSA-4 YSA-6

Steam Aging Test Chamber Performance

Temperature range: RT+10~98 ℃

Aging test drawers can be customized

Digital display or program touch screen controller

Semiconductor IC, transistor, diode, etc, accelerated lifetime aging test

Description of Steam Aging Test Chamber

Steam Aging Test Chamber is a kind of aging test chamber machine. Yuanyao Steam Aging Test Chamber is suitable for the accelerated aging test on the soldering metal pins of the electronic connector, semiconductor integrated circuit, transistor, diode, liquid crystal LCD, chip resistors, and capacitor, component industry, and electronic component.

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Features of Steam Aging Test Chamber

The number of drawers can be customized, standard models have 3 or 4 drawers.
Digital display controller or programmable touch screen controller is optional.
Equipped with automatic over-temperature protection and water shortage protection devices.

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