Precautions for rolling bearings in high speed rotation


Rolling bearings are divided into roller bearings and ball bearings. Generally, ball bearings run faster than roller bearings. There is no problem with the new rolling bearing rotate in high-speed, but some bearings with poor quality, or bearings that have been used for a period of time, if they also bear high-speed rotation, the bearings are easily damaged. Today, let's explain some precautions when rolling bearings rotate at high speed:

1. Select high-precision bearings, bearings can be divided into P0, P6, P5, P4, P2 grades, the higher the grade, the better the rotation. Of course, the higher the precision of the bearing, the more expensive the price.

2. When analyzing the internal clearance of the bearing, the reduction of the internal clearance of the bearing caused by the increase of temperature should be considered;

3. Analyze the material and form of the cage. For the occasion of high-speed rotation, copper alloy or phenolic resin should be used to cut the cage, and there are also synthetic resin-shaped cages suitable for high-speed rotation;

4. The lubrication method should adopt circulating lubrication, jet lubrication, oil mist lubrication, oil-air lubrication, etc. suitable for high-speed rotation.

5. Bearings are used in high-speed rotation, especially when the speed is close to or exceeds the extreme speed recorded in the dimension table, special attention should be paid to the above points.

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