Automatic welded wire roll mesh machine sold to Kenya



1. Machine Description:
Welded wire mesh line, also called welded roll mesh machine, electric welded mesh machine, electric mesh welding machine,
used to make construction mesh, wall mesh, animal cage, mining, etc.

2. Popular Technical Parameter:
Wire diameter: 1-2.8mm.
Mesh size: 12,5x25mm, 25x25mm, 25x50mm and 50x50mm.
Max. 2.2MM for 20X20MM,
Max. 2.5MM for 25X25MM,
Max. 2.8MM for 30X30MM.

3. Machine Features:
Extra axis to straighten welded mesh, tinier.
Separate winding up rolls and discharge rolls automatically, saving labor.
Line & cross wire feeding on the coil.
Edge trimming.
Schneider electric components, reliable quality.
Material: black wire, galvanized wire, stainless steel wire.
High speed, 80-120times/minute.
One time two or three mesh rolls with the same machine.
PLC control, Easy to operate, need one worker.
Separate control technology.

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