Chicken cage mesh welding machine sold to Nigeria



Pneumatic poultry cage mesh welding machine adopts pneumatic cylinder for electrodes working speed maximum 120 strokes per minute. Bigger welding pressure can work smoothly for 2-4mm wire diameter. Till now, our chicken cage welding machine was sold to more than 50 countries, especially occupying 70% Indonesian market. Nigeria also has a big population and a big market for chicken husbandry. With our pneumatic mesh welding production line, the factory owners are able to have a big capacity and market share. With time going, pneumatic welding technology will surely take place of the mechanical machine.

Machine Parameter:

Wire diameter2-4mm
Crosswire distanceMin.25mm
Longitude wire distanceMostly 50-200mm
Width of meshMax.1200mmMax.1600mm
Welding electrodes25pcs32pcs
Welding transformer125kva*3pcs125kva*4pcs
Welding speed80-120times/min
Crosswire feedingPre-straightened&pre-cut
Longitude wire feedingFrom wire coils
Factory power supplyMin.100kva
Overall size2.5*2.1*1.4m2.5*2.5*1.4m
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