The advantage of pneumatic type reinforcing concrete steel rebar mesh welding machine


JIAKE factory is a gold manufacturer of pneumatic type wire mesh welding machines in China! We have 30+ years of experience and have 50+ engineers, In order to increase the production capacity of the machine, our machines used European welding technology and foreign brand equipment.

Advanced of pneumatic mesh welding machines:
1. The welding speed can be up to max.80-100 times/min. Normal type machine is maxed .20-60 times/min.
2. The welding power is bigger. It is enough to weld max.12mm diameter with high welding strength.
3. The welding pressure of each welding electrode can be totally the same even works for a long time.
4. The machine uses bally SMC air cylinders; it can save much energy consumption and electricity consumption.
5. The machine is much easier to operate for the workers, easy to learn and maintain.
6. The machine uses SMC (Japan) brand bally air cylinders, it is not easily broken. Don’t worry about the maintenance fee.
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