How to make the poultry chicken cage?



How to make the poultry chicken cage? This is a very interesting topic. For some poultry farms, they need a large number of cages to keep poultry, such as chickens, rabbits, ducks, and other domestic animals. But how are these animal cages produced and assembled?

Step 1: black wire/iron wire/galvanized wire/stainless steel wire and other raw materials are needed
You can go to the market to buy raw materials with a wire diameter of 2-4mm. The specific material can be selected according to the needs of customers.

Step 2: You need a wire mesh welding machine for mesh
The machine in the above picture is customized by a Mexican customer. This is a mechanical welded wire mesh machine. The price is quoted according to the customer’s budget and demand for production. It has a competitive price and high quality and is cost-effective.

The automatic chicken cage welding machine adopts electrical and electronic synchronous control technology, and the phase welding and welding time are both composed of digital circuits and integrated circuits. This operation is accurate, the function is stable, the solder joints are firm, and there is no solder trace. The warp is fed by the coil. The horizontal wire is fed by a coil, and the diameter of the horizontal wire is 1.8mm to 2.5mm. In addition, when the diameter of the horizontal wire is 2.6mm to 3.0mm, the horizontal wire should be pre-straightened and pre-cut. This machine is equipped with precise weft yarn cutting and positioning equipment, the length of the weft yarn is consistent and regular, without trimming. The net-drawing system adopts an elastic pull rod and opening positioning net, which is convenient to adjust the mesh, the size of the mesh is accurate, and the welding aperture can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the range. Not only the welding speed is fast, but also easy to learn and operate. Only one worker can complete the operation.

We also have a new type of pneumatic poultry cage welding machine, this machine used European welding technology and foreign brand equipment, where the welding head is controlled by a cylinder to weld the wire mesh, with greater pressure, firm welding, and smooth mesh.

Step 3: cutting the wire mesh panel
The animal cage-making production line included the mesh cutting machine, and the mesh width and length you can control in the CNC touch screen, when the wire mesh length reaches the set value, the cutting machine automatically cuts the mesh.

Step 4: making the poultry chicken cage
Of course, the cage has six sides, and the length and width of each side may be different. It needs to be cut manually. After the mesh is produced, the cage can be assembled with a nail gun. Please see the video for the specific process.

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