Straight Line Wire Drawing Machine for sales



Straight Line Wire Drawing Machine

The automatic production line of straight-line wire drawing machines manufactures wire. It is the initial machine in the factory, you can buy a lot of different diameters of black wire or galvanized wire and reduce its diameter as much as you want, to use all kinds of wire mesh process.

How does the Drawing Machine work?

The Automatic wire drawing production line consists of 6 parts:

Heavy-duty wire spool: The raw materials are placed in the pay-off rack, which can carry about 2 tons of iron wire.

Peeling machine: Removes calamine from wire rod. so that the drawing process is fluid and effective.

Head pointing machine: Grind the round wire end into a pointed shape, it is easier to facilitate the wire into the wire drawing machine die.

Wire drawing machine: It’s the Most Important and main machine in the whole system. Depending on the size of the wire diameter range to be reduced, the length of the wire drawing machine line varies. If the customer needs to reduce the range of wire diameters, the number of wire drawing dies required will be larger, and the production line will be longer.

Trunk take-up machine: Automatic rewinding of the desired final diameter wire.

Butt-welding machine: Allows the union of two coils (or rolls) of wire drawn by means of a spot welder to fuse their lengths and offer coils in any weight.

Hot-selling countries for wire drawing machines:

The automatic straight line wire drawing machine often exported to Mexico, Colombia, Paraguay, Argentina, Peru, Algeria, Egypt, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Oman, Iran, Tunisia, Ukraine, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Palestine, Pakistan, South Africa, etc.