China Factory Security fence mesh welding machine manufacturer


The fence panel welding machine included a 3d fence panel production line, razor wire fence welding machine, and anti-climb fence mesh welding machine. They are used for the production of dimensionally accurate meshwork for a wide variety of applications. For instance, they can make fence mesh, road mesh, reinforcing mesh, shelf, explosion-proof wall, etc. We have more than 20 years of export experience, Above all, We have Advanced Welding Technology leading in China!3D-fence-panel-production-line.jpg

3D Fence Panel Production Line
JIAKE 3D fence panel production line included fence mesh welding machine, fence mesh bending machine, and wire straightening and cutting machine three parts. This machine adopts foreign brand equipment, welding speed can be up to Max.80 times/min, One day (8 hours) can produce about 320-480pcs fence panels.Anti-climbe-fence-mesh-welding-machine.jpg

Anti-climb Fence Mesh Welding Machine
The new pneumatic type anti-climb fence meshes welding machine, each welding electrode is controlled by one SMC air cylinder, the finished mesh is flattened. Welding speed can be up to Max.60-80 times/min. used to make fence mesh, road mesh, reinforcing mesh, shelf, explosion-proof wall, etc.Razor-wire-fence-welding-machine-3.jpg

Razor Wire Fence Welding Machine
Razor wire fence welding machine Used Mitsubishi (Japan) PLC program and touch screen, CNC control, easy to operate. The machine adopts position device on the side of the bracket to guarantee the razor mesh regular. Welding speed can be up to 60 times/min.