Automatic Chicken Wire Mesh Machine sold to Mexico



Automatic Chicken Wire Mesh Machine sold to Mexico. For the construction of strong chicken cages and poultry cages, light-type welded wire panels of various sizes are in need. JIAKE supplies also welding machines specially designed for welded wire mesh panel manufacture used in making chicken cages, rabbit cages, pet cages, and other light loading containers.

Basic Information of Welded Wire Mesh Panel Welding Machine for the chicken cage as follows:

1. PLC program &touch screen (Delta)
2. Servo motor for pulling mesh, can adjust cross wire space online.
3. Servo motor for feeding cross wires, automatically from wire coil.
4. The main motor, for the upper welding electrodes, will use an inverter (inverter).
5. Equip with automatic mesh cutting machine.
6. The error of the angle line is +/-5mm. The error of horizontal is +/-3mm.
7. Welding speed:45 times/min
8.Welding transformer:60KW*2pcs
9. Welding electrodes:16pcs
10 . Wire feeding way: from wire coils
11. Auto wire feeding, mesh welding, edge cutting, mesh cutting and mesh pulling, etc.

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