High speed Concertina barbed wire making machine manufacturer



Concertina razor barbed wire machine is used to make concertina razor barbed wire, for national defense, military field, prisons, detention houses, national security facilities.

1. Razor barbed wire machine mainly consists of decoiler, punching machine, recoiler, razor wire covering machine, control cabinet, etc.
2. Decoiler is used to hold the steel sheets, it can bear max.2T.
3. Punching machine is used to cut steel tapes into different razor shapes by different punching molds. It is the Yangli brand, the best one in China. It is controlled by a step motor.
4. Recoiler is used to coil the finished razor wire.
5. Razor wire covering machine is used to cover round wire into the razor, then coil the razor wire. The covering machine will be equipped with an inverter instead of a speed meter. (Speed meter is very easily broken.)
6. Application: The finished razor wire is widely used on security isolation of military facilities, stations, power distribution stations, border prisons, landfills, community protection, schools, factories, farms, etc.