Automatic hexagonal wire mesh making machine sold to South Korea



Automatic hexagonal wire mesh making machine sold to South Korea, Hexagonal wire mesh machine, also called Chicken cage machine, Double twisted hexagonal mesh machine, is used to make hexagonal mesh for fences of farmland and grazing land, chicken husbandry, reinforced ribs of building walls and other nets for separation.

This customer previously bought two hexagonal wire mesh machines in our factory, mainly used to produce chicken cage nets. In August of this year, the customer wanted to buy another one because the machine was very fast and easy to operate, which increased his output, met the needs of the customer, and trusted us very much.

Specification of Straight and reverse hexagonal wire netting machine:

Speed Meshwidth Mesh size Wire diameter Number of twists Weight Motor
60-160m/h 2600-3300 mm 20-22mm 0.52-0.7mm 6 3.5-4.5T 2.2kw
60-160m/h 2600-3300 mm 25-27mm 0.50-1.00mm
60-160m/h 2600-3300 mm 30-32mm 0.50-1.20mm
60-160m/h 2600-3300 mm 40-45mm 0.60-1.40mm
60-160m/h 2600-3300 mm 50-55mm 0.60-1.50mm
60-160m/h 2600-3300 mm 75-80mm 1.00-1.50mm

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