Automatic 3-6mm building wire mesh welding machine sold to Argentina



Automatic 3-6mm building wire mesh welding machine used to produce the construction mesh and reinforcing mesh, this machine is very popular in Production of architectural mesh industry, Fast speed, high output, competitive price compared to other welding machines, It can be used as roll mesh and panel mesh.

Roll Mesh Welding Machine Parameter:

Model DP-FP-2500BN
Wire diameter 2.5-6mm
Line wire pitch 50-300mm
Crosswire pitch Min.50mm
Welding width Max.2500mm
Roll length Max.100m
Welding speed Max.75 times/min
Welding torch 48pcs
Welding transformer 150kva*6pcs
Machine weight 6.5T
Machine size 6.9*3.4*1.8m
Container required 1*40GP

Youtube Video:

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