Puff Bar Plus 800 Puffs Disposable Device


Puff Bar Plus 800 Puffs Disposable Device

Puff Plus disposable vape is 800 smooth puffs with long lasting time. Puff plus is 2.5ml e-liquid with the battery of 13450. Puff plus is a pre-filled vape pen with more than 50 amazing flavors from apple ice to Watermelon Kiwi Fruit ice. Due to it’s various flavors, puff plus makes customer a good taste experience. Puff bar plus is popular in the vape market, such as USA, Australia, Italy, Spain, Hollands etc. If you looking for a portable disposable vape, puff plus 800 puffs disposable vape will be one of your best choice!

For the puff bar vape, we mainly have puff plus, puff xxl 1600, puff flex 2800 etc.

Puff Plus Disposable Flavors:

1.Apple ice  2.Aloe Grape
3.Apple Berry  4.Banana ice
5.Blueberry on ice  6.Blue Razz Lemonade
7.blueberry raspberry lemon  8.Banana ice Cream
9.banana blue razz  10.bear jerry(gummy
11.big Bang fruit  12.banana vanilla ice cream
13.Cool Mint  14.cosmopolitan 
15.cherry honeydew  16.candy rainbow
17.Cotton Candy  18.Cola ice
19.Energy Drink  20.fruit fusion
21.Guava ice  22.Grape 
23.grape lush  24.kiwi mango ice
25.lychee ice  26.Lush Ice
27.Mixed Berries  28.Melon ice
29.mango  30.mango ice
31.Mamba  32.mojito
33.Mango Pineapple  34.Orange Soda
35.Pina colada  36.Peach Ice
37.Pomegranate ice  38.Pink Lemonade
39.passion fruit lemon  40.Red bull
41.Red apple lemon  42.Sour Apple
43.Strawberry Watermelon  44.strawberry banana
45.Strawberry Kiwi  46.strawberries and cream
47.strawberry milkshake  48.Tangerine ice
49.Watermelon  50.watermelon lemon ice
51.Watermelon Kiwi Fruit ice
Besides Puff Bar, our company have other disposable vape: Fume Vape, Elf Bar, Gunnpod, Iget Vape etc. Welcome you inquiry to us! Reasonal price, fast delivery time and best after-sale service will meet your needed, hope we can do business together!