Main Frame of Cone Crusher


Main Frame of Cone Crusher

The frame is the skeleton structure of the crusher and supports all the working parts. Cone crusher frame mainly uses ZG270-500 high-quality steel to customize the upper and lower frames, top and bottom shells of the cone crusher. And CHAENG continuously summarizes casting experience and improves process technology, to produce the frame with sufficient rigidity, strength and accuracy of geometric dimensions.

Shenyang Tianyi Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. can provide all types of multi-cylinder cone crusher main frame.
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Regular maintenance

In addition to the major, medium and minor repairs according to the regulations, the cone crusher should be regularly overhauled every 35-45. Its contents are as follows:

1 Check the spherical bearing;

2 Check the wear of straight bushes and cone bushes;

3 Check and adjust the gear meshing gap;

4 Check the gap of the drive bearing bush;

5 Check and clean the liquid device and lubrication device;

6 Check and clean the sealing device and dust ring;

7 Repair or replace some small parts.

Minor repair

The main contents of the minor repairs are:

1 Including items for frequent maintenance;

2 Check, repair or replace the spherical tile (spherical bearing)

3 Repair or replace large and small bevel gears, drive shafts and bearing bushes;

4 Repair or replace the eccentric bushing, cone bushing and straight bushing;

5 Repair the adjustment ring and support ring threads;

6 Filter or replace lubricating oil;

Each minor repair of the above items may not all be carried out, and it is selected according to the actual situation.

Medium repair

The main contents of the intermediate repair are:

1 Including all minor repair items;

2 Replace the large and small bevel gears;

3 Replace the drive bearing bush and spherical bearing bush;

4 Detect the gap between the spherical bearing seat and the upper end surface of the eccentric sleeve;

5 Check or partially replace springs and spring bolts;

6 Check the wear of the spherical bearing seat and the body, the moving cone and the main shaft, and replace it if necessary. The above-mentioned items may not be completed every time. The test items are selected according to the actual situation.


The main contents of the overhaul are:

1Including the contents of the intermediate repair;

2 All parts are disassembled for inspection, measurement, repair or replacement;

3 Check, repair or replace the adjustment ring, support ring, spring and spring bolt;

4 Correct the technical performance of the entire crusher. Technical transformation can be carried out according to the specific situation.

There are two ways to formulate the maintenance cycle: one is based on how many tons of ore are crushed; the other is based on how long the load runs.