Antique Mirror Beautiful Color


Antique mirror, one kind of decoration glasses, can make inner decoration classical and elegant. It is widely used in decoration such as metope, backgroud and bathroom. This classic style is very popular in Europe and America.

As one of the earliest one to produce antique mirrors, we have one special production line for them and we have strong self-developed ability. Now, we have more than 45 items and more new items will show to you in the future.

Founded in 1985, Henghui Mirror Group is the world's leading mirror manufacturer. We are committed to manufacturing the best quality mirrors.
Started from a small family-style workshop , Henghui developed  to its current scale step by step. The group has the following subsidiaries: Dongguan Huahui Glass Manufacturing  Co., Ltd., Dongguan Dongying Glass Trading Co., Ltd., W.C.H Tempered Glass Co., Ltd., Huizhou Hengdayuan Glass Trading Co., Ltd., Foshan Hengxiangshun Glass Trading Co., Ltd., and Zhangzhou Chenghui Glass Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
As the group main part, Dongguan Huahui Glass Manufacturing Co., Ltd.,  engaged in the mirror industry for decades , has rich  technical resources and is widely recognized by the mirror industry.