Double-station four-column type 16T wax injection machine


wax injector machine Product characteristics:

1. The plate is sheathed 4-column structure, stable and convenient automatic mold mold assembly;

2. Pressure plate and the worktable are used four water cooling method, the fast cooling of wax;

3, The use of touch screen man-machine interface control, to ensure that the operation is simple, stable process parameters;

4, The equipment has dual mode, L pressure + two times H pressure filling wax injection mode, H pressure +L wax injection mode, H pressure +L pressure + two times H wax injection mode, automatic top function, automatic core pulling function;

5, The big layer of the three tubes, wax cooler and wax cylinder to meet the production of large molds.

6, The use of low-voltage electrical equipment world brand Schneider; hydraulic system using the original Taiwan, cylinder seal with the Japanese NOK seal.


1. The maximum clamping force is 16t;

2. The maximum formwork opening height is 500mm;

3. The minimum clamping height is 70mm;
4. Dimension of pressing plate and lower worktable 720 × 510mm;
5. Die space 570 × five hundred and ten × 500mm;
6. Auxiliary workbench 2200 × 380mm;
7. The expansion range of the nozzle is 0 ~ 200mm;
8. The lifting range of nozzle is 0 ~ 200mm;
9. The maximum use volume of wax storage cylinder is 100L;
10. The maximum wax injection volume of a single shot is 5L;
11. Wax injection pressure: 0 ~ 10MPa;