Change-over Inline Oil Filter Housing and Filter Cartridge


Change-over Inline Oil Filter (SDFLND)

---DIN 24550

----up to 400 L/min

---up to 63bar


1. Technical

1.1 Filter Housing


The filter housings
are designed in accordance with international regulations. They consist of a
filter head with built-in change-over valve and screw-in filter bowls.

Standard equipment:

  •   without bypass valve
  •   connection for a clogging indicator
  •   oil drain plug (FLND 160 to 400)

1.2  Filter

Allowable D.P.:

BN/HC:20bar;  W/HC: 20bar   


        as inline oil filter

Temperature range   
- 30 ℃ ~ + 100 ℃

Pressure setting of clogging indicator △ Pa= 5bar
-0.5bar (others on request)

Cracking pressure of bypass valve △ Po=7
bar±0.5bar (others on request)

Seals    NBR
(=Perbunan) /Nitrile Butadiene Rubber

3.      Notes

  •   Filter

housings must be earthed.

  •   When

using electrical clogging indicators, the electrical power supply to the system
must be switched off before removing the clogging indicator connector.

  •   Filters

with switching valve are designed to have a permissible leakage depending on
the operating medium.

4.      Application

It can be used for mineral oils, lubrication
oils, non-flam fluids, synthetic and rapidly biodegradable fluids.

5.   Photos