Soft CVC Terry Knitting Hoddies Fabric


Knitted Fabric


Soft CVC Terry Knitting Hoddies Fabric is consist of polyester and cotton. The fabric has loop on the back side that like a towel. In weaving, certain yarns appear as coils on the rest of the fabric in a certain proportion and stay on the surface of the fabric. CVC terry fabric is usually thicker, the part of the loop can contain more air, so it has warmth and can be used into autumn and winter garment supplies. The loop part can be processed into flannelette after being brushed, which has a more light and soft hand feeling and a better thermal performance.

In addition, CVC terry knitting fabric including polyester, it can make the fabric less likely to deform. The CVC terry knitting fabric can use in hoodies.Our company can meet any colour requirement. Many famous brands sell this fabric hoodies every seasons such as H&M, ZARA, GAP, etc.


Fabrics' Details:


1. Choose excellent material, soft and comfortable, flat fabrics.

2.We support clients contact us for customized items' color, patterns, specifications and other details !


Our services :


1. Packing

We not only have good products but also careful packing, we accept customized also.


We shipping via air,train,ocean , we sign cooperation contact with logistics company, the price is perferentail.

3.Color & Quality

Due to the influence of weater and light, the photos' color maybe different,its not quality problem. 

If you receive fabrics from us, we will make compensation !