For most users, the first thing to get a new machine is to buy the corresponding protective accessories to make the laptop life longer. Faced with a dazzling array of accessories, how should I choose?

1. Keyboard Cover

As we all know, the keyboard part of the laptop is the easiest place to hide dirt, and we can't disassemble and clean it, what should we do? We can only rely on the keyboard membrane to isolate dust.

In terms of styling, there is not much difference between the general-purpose and exclusive key-position products on the market in terms of use, and it depends more on your preferences. Our common keyboard membranes are divided into two types: hard and smooth TPU material and soft silicone.

TPU material is a new type of material, and the price is basically about twice that of silica gel. However, in actual use, due to the smooth surface of the TPU, it is prone to displacement when hitting the keyboard, so it cannot fit well on the keyboard surface. On the contrary, the cheaper silicone keyboard membrane, due to the greater soft friction of the back silicone, can be tightly attached to the keyboard cap after being softly pressed slightly, which is more effective.

2. Thermal pad

As the best companion for using laptops in summer, the quality of the cooling pad directly affects the cooling performance of the laptop. When selecting, we cannot measure the heat dissipation performance by the size or number of fan blades, more depends on the fan speed and air volume instead. These numerical parameters will be reflected on the packaging or product promotion.

It’s worth noting that the real heat-generating components of our laptop are the CPU and graphics chip. We should pay attention to the position of the fan when selecting the heat dissipation pad. It is best to overlap the heat dissipation port so that cool air can be blown directly into the computer. Some cooling pads are equipped with multiple small fans. In fact, the air volume and heat dissipation effect are not good, and wastes resources. If you want to buy some accessories of good qualities, you can find them at digital goods shops online.

3. Screen film

Whether or not to stick a laptop screen is a problem for many users. In fact, compared to mobile phones, laptop screens need a protective film. The screen of a notebook computer usually uses a soft screen, which does not have the hard tempered glass protection of the outer screen of a mobile phone. Although we don't often touch the screen with our hands, because the screen electrostatically absorbs dust, when you wipe it with a cloth, it will wear the screen and cause fine scratches, which will reduce the screen definition over time.

4. Laptop bag

Because the laptop is portable, people who often go out need to equip the computer with a bag. There are not many requirements for the size of the bag, but the internal material is the key. Since the A-side of many laptops or ultrabooks now uses brushed metal material to increase the aesthetics, it is easy to scratch the metal surface when other items are stored in your bag. Maybe your computer is not expensive, but it will definitely make you feel bad when you want to replace this accessory. For this reason, when choosing a laptop bag, it is advisable to choose a thick and soft suede inner lining, which can block hard objects from scratching and also resist other objects from squeezing and preventing surface deformation.

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