It is necessary to buy a high-end violin. The tone, volume, and response of a high-end violin are different from ordinary violin, and it feels different when pulled. Updating a violin can increase our interest in practicing the violin, and interest is the most effective motivation for our progress. Besides, a good violin also has collection value and can be passed on to future generations. Choosing a violin should start from these aspects:

1. Look at the appearance of the violin

The head of the violin should be perpendicular to the body and fingerboard, and the glue should be tight and without traces; the front panel and the back should have a symmetrical arc, and the pattern should be clear and symmetrical; the length of the two f-holes should be the same, and the sharp mouth in the middle should be in a line; The color should be uniform without impurities; the black and white lines should be clear and distinct, without obvious joints; the height of the piano should be moderate, the texture should be clear, and the distance between the four strings and the fingerboard should be the same.

2. Listen to the sound of the violin

Violins of the same brand and model have subtle differences in timbre and volume. The differences in timbre from different manufacturers are even greater. Each violin has its own characteristics, which are due to the thickness of the wood, the time of natural drying, the position of the sound column, and so on. Therefore, in order to achieve uniform timbre, regular large orchestras all choose violins from the same manufacturer, which can basically maintain uniform timbre.

When we choose a violin, we should listen to a few more violin sounds of the same type and price. Each violin has different effects in the high range, mid-range, and low range, and the high pitch should be bright and penetrating, and the bass should be thick, soft, and not dull. Choose a more comfortable piano according to your hobbies and feelings.

3. Know the price of the violin

Choose the violin according to your own economic conditions. Generally, a violin of 3,000 to 5,000 yuan is quite good. If you have enough budget, you can consider a violin of about 10,000 yuan. You get what you pay for, the high-priced violin is relatively more comfortable.

What we need to pay attention to when buying a violin is that no matter how much the price of the violin is, we must use the combination of Internet information and actual viewing of the violin to buy it. After referring to the public's evaluation of the violin we want to buy, the quantity of violin and other relevant information, then determine which violin to buy. For more choices and lower prices, you can buy violin online.

When buying a violin, pay attention to the quality of the bow. A good violin is equipped with a higher-end bow. The bow should be vertical, the ponytail should be neat, the ponytail groove should be flawless, and the elastic screw should be flexible.

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