What Is the JW201?



KCEL is the first Chinese language school to acquire the qualification of teaching Chinese as a foreign language and the earliest, largest and most professional Kunming language school.

The visa application form for foreign students studying in China refers to JW201 or JW202.

Visa Application Form for Foreign Students Studying in China (JW201) is for Chinese government scholarship students or students studying in China according to government channels. China National Scholarship Fund Management Committee Secretariat will handle the relevant procedures after investigating and understanding the related institutions of higher education.

The visa application form for foreign students studying in China (JW202) is for overseas students who come to China at their own expense. JW202 is handled by colleges and universities for overseas students who are admitted to the university. JW201 and JW202 are important documents for overseas students to apply for visas to study in China, entry, entry into journals, and residence procedures.

Any institution that recruits foreign students can provide a visa application form for foreign students to study in China (JW202).

Private universities can apply for admission to foreign provincial students by applying to the local provincial education administration. At the same time, they can obtain visa application forms for foreign students to visit China (JW202).