Traditional Chinese Culture


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Evolving from Chinese civilization, traditional Chinese culture is a kind of national culture which reflects the national characteristics and features. It is the overall representation of various thoughts, culture and ideology in the nation’s history. It refers to the culture created by Chinese people and their ancestors living in China and inherited and developed by the Chinese nation for generations, which has distinctive national characteristics, a long history, a profound connotation and excellent tradition. In short, it is the general name of various national civilizations, customs and spirits expressed through different cultural forms.

1.For generations mandarin chinese culture was interrupted in some short historical periods. It has changed more or less in different historical periods, but it has not been interrupted in principle. Generally, it has not changed so much.
2. National characteristics Chinese traditional culture is unique and different from other cultures in the world.
3. A long history It has a history of about five thousand years.
4. Extensive knowledge and profound scholarship "Extensive knowledge" means that the breadth of Chinese traditional culture: rich and colorful. and "profound scholarship" means the depth: unfathomable.