Are you looking for 100mm stainless steel tube? As a large ss tube manufacturer, Huangshang Steel offer various ss tube to meet different application requirements like ba tubing, ep tubing, mp tubing, stainless steel instrument tubing, heat exchange tubes, boiler tubes, aerospace tubing, medical stainless steel tube, hydraulic tubing, stainless steel capillary tubes, precision tubes, bright annealed tubes, special shape tubes, coiled tubing, hex tubing. Stainless steel tubing provides good corrosion resistance, weldability, machinability, and can be easily cleaned and sterilized. HUASHANG uses the most advanced technology-the floating plug drawing technology, and the most environmentally friendly process-Bright annealed Process to make quality tubing.

ss steel tube Materials
For different applications, we offer sevsral materials such as austenitic stainless steel, duplex & super duplex steel, nickel alloly steel etc. And these tubes consist of seamless tubing & welded tubing. Welded stainless steel tubing can be bent and cut to required shape and length. It is telescopic with adjacent sizes, and ideal for use in day-to-day pipe work, as well as for bushings, spacers, guide tubes, standoffs, and bearings.

304 Stainless Steel Is the most versatile and extensively used of stainless metal grades, due to its combination of corrosion resistance, formability, and ductility. 316 Stainless Steel provides the first-class resistance to pitting and corrosion of any of the austenitic (300 series) stainless steels. It is extremely ductile, with remarkable electricity at improved temperatures. Seamless tubing can be produced with heavier wall thicknesses for mechanical applications. It is best for hydraulic and instrumentation tubing in chemical, textile, and pulp and paper industries, and in marine environments.

Austenitic Stainless Steel:
TP304, TP304L, TP304H, TP304LN, TP316/TP316L, TP316H, TP316Ti, TP316LN, TP321, TP321H, TP317, TP317L, TP347, TP347H, TP310S, TP310H, TP904L, 254Mo.S30432, S31042, N08367

Duplex & Super Duplex Steel:
S31500, S32101, S32003, S32304, S31803, S32205, S32750, S32760

Nickel Alloy Steel:
N06600, N06601, N06625, N07718, N08800, N08825, N10276, N04400, N05500, N02200, N02201, N08028, N08810, N08811, N08020, N10624, N10629, N10675

Stainless Steel Tubing Sizes
Most sizes of stainless steel tubes can be cut to actual sizes. Non wellknown sizes can be made to order. Contact a sales associate nowadays for your specific stainless steel tubing requirement.

OD 0.19mm--44.5mm
T.W: 0.08mm--3.81mm

3 inch stainless steel pipe50mm stainless steel tube/pipe
1 stainless steel tubing22mm stainless steel tube/pipe
1 inch stainless steel tubing25mm stainless steel tube/pipe
2 inch stainless steel pipe10mm stainless steel tube/pipe
4 inch stainless steel pipe50mm stainless steel tube/pipe
1 inch stainless steel pipe28mm stainless steel tube/pipe
4 stainless steel tubing32mm stainless steel tube/pipe
2 inch stainless steel tubing100mm stainless steel tube/pipe
1.5 inch stainless steel pipe10mm stainless steel tube/pipe
1.5 stainless steel tubing28mm od stainless steel tube/pipe
4 inch stainless steel tubing100mm stainless steel tube/pipe
1.5 inch stainless steel tube22mm stainless steel tube/pipe
6 inch stainless steel tubing42mm stainless steel tube/pipe
8 inch stainless steel tubing25mm stainless steel tube/pipe
5 inch stainless steel tubing75mm stainless steel tube/pipe
2.5 inch stainless steel tubing28mm stainless steel tube/pipe
2.5 304 stainless steel tubing40mm stainless steel tube/pipe
38mm stainless steel tube/pipe
32mm stainless steel tube/pipe
50mm stainless steel tube/pipe
80mm stainless steel tube/pipe
12mm stainless steel tube/pipe