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We reached out to Bethesda about the problem and when more players will access the game.One of the initial things you're tasked with performing in Blades is helping rescue a blacksmith and then helping him in rebuilding his blacksmith shop. Do this once you can. His store is equally important and will be useful for all sorts of items, including purchasing or salvaging items.If you are wondering what to do with those crappy blades and protects you've gathered, visit the blacksmith shop and market them or salvage them to get substances.

I recommend selling things instead of salvaging, at least at first. Gold is valuable for repairing gear, and I discovered I got a fantastic amount of materials from questing. Later on, I expect it will probably be best to salvage more than sell, because building up your town and equipment using substances will be more important, and gold comes in a steady enough rate that selling won't be important.Unlike the bigger Elder Scrolls games, Blades is not open world. Rather, players gather quests and activate them via a menu. Doing teleports you to a dungeon or other area where you finish the quest.

These areas aren't massive, but they frequently have side districts and rooms you can research. Hidden in many of these areas are secrets, usually chests, which may easily be overlooked if you just stick to the quest marker.After killing enough bandits or collecting enough timber, the quest will end and the game will pop up a message telling you you've completed your job. You can press a button to leave right then, but I suggest hitting another option, which permits you to explore the area after finishing the quest. Dungeons may be full of enemies, loot, and secrets after finishing a quest. It will not hurt to spend a few minutes doing a small extra exploring to walk off with XP and some more goodies.

Every quest in Blades will involve you having to fight with bandits, some monsters or baddies. Among the first quests teaches you the basics. But if you haven't done that quest yet or require a refresher, here are a few tips.Timing is the key to landing critical hits. Harness the screen and maintain your finger down until the ring matches the ring. The moment the circle touches the ring, life your finger away from the monitor. If you time it perfectly, when the circle and ring meet, you may land a crucial hit.

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