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A full discussion of the reasons might need to wait for future articles. Some of the reasons why Blizzard made do come into play later in Classic WoW, and we'll address them in future comparisons. The reason we will talk today (because it is already observable in the 1-20 play-through) must do with alts.

When Blizzard constructed World of Warcraft, it designed the game to make it easy to hit max level and to maintain alternative well-geared characters, called"alts." New character classes and races have been introduced together with experiences or new places to give players incentive to strike the leveling treadmill once more.

As soon as it's absolutely possible to level a character from WoW utilizing distinct zones (and therefore having different experiences), those who have leveled 4-12 alts have since worn the blossom off the metaphorical increased. Players have pushed Blizzard to create leveling more easy and quicker. If the overwhelming majority of people are playing in the endgame, making people run a bunch of dungeons to hit maximum amount in an acceptable quantity of time just encourages them to quit playing entirely. The changes All Blizzard has made to leveling up, as close as I can tell, stem from a desire to make the game more accessible to individuals leveling their character as opposed. And these changes have been pushed for by players because nobody really enjoys running through the exact same content for your 10th or 15th time.

It makes sense, however, the final result is a experience. Thus far there is virtually no obstacle in Retail WoW. Classic WoW is not particularly hard by default, however you can perform with it in a manner which will stretch your personal abilities. The wide availability of buffs and also the problem of content that is higher-level encourage group in a way that Retail does not demand.

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