Al & Cu Aerial Insulated Cable


Aerial copper cable are the cables of single-layer or multi-layer aluminum or copper strands twisted on top to extrude the insulation wire.

Overhead line is relative to the cable said, that is, and by the tower will be the wire at a certain height to transmit electricity lines. The ground insulation of overhead lines in high-voltage transmission and distribution networks generally depends on air, and the previous distribution lines (less than 10 kV except for 380 V) generally use bare conductors, but because of the complex distribution environment in urban areas, short-circuit grounding and lightning strike lines often occur, the reliability of power supply is reduced. Therefore, at present, the overhead lines below 10 kV generally use insulated conductors (i.e., the outer layer of conductors wrapped in insulation layer), which is called insulated overhead lines.

An overhead line is divided into low voltage and high voltage, and Jenuincable mainly supports the low voltage insulated cable with both Al and Copper conductor.

Description of Al & Cu Aerial Insulated Cable
The aerial cables are referred to as the following items:

1. Cu core XLPE insulated aerial overhead cable.

2. Soft Cu core XLPE insulated aerial overhead cable

3. Al core XLPE insulated aerial overhead cable.

4. Aluminum alloy care XLPE insulated aerial overhead cable

5. rated voltage 1kv

6. The operating Temp is not less than -20ºC.

7. standard IEC, BS AS and China's national standard

Application Of Al & Cu Aerial Insulated Cable
These aerial or overhead cables are power cable series to transmit electricity in an overhead power transmission line the best choice for construction and transformation of electric network it is the most suitable product safety and maintenance of the line and a product. The soft copper core is used leads of the transformer.

Laying attention: laying aerial cables as entrance wires should keep cables a certain distance from the trees.

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