Armoured Cable


The single wire armoured cable are available to make for the other performance of low smoke zero halogens (LSZH), flame retardant and fire resistance by the customer requirement. Jeuincable supports to provide different types of armoured cables according to BS and IEC standards. Cheap armoured cable for sale, contact Jenuin to buy armoured cable!

Armoured cables are accustomed to being named or called by different countries and persons such as armoured wire cables, single-core power cables, and multi-core armoured cables. STA armoured cables are referred to as the amount of the cable by steel tape armoured, it is popular in South East Asia, African and Chiese market.

There are different cheap armoured cable uses, mainly as the building or power transmitting network where the cable needs to be laid underground or outdoor and should protect the cable from mechanical damage and withstanding the pulling loads. It is made according to IEC60502.

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